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Whether performing as a recitalist, with the Invicta Saxophone Quartet, or as a guest soloist with an orchestra, Dr. Cincotta is at home on stage. Throughout his career, he has performed and taught standard saxophone literature, contemporary music, and premiered dozens of new works.

Please feel free to reach out for a complete comprehensive list of ALL soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and chamber music that he has performed and/or taught during his career.

Dr. Cincotta constantly collaborates with his colleagues and student composers. With over 40 world premieres, he continually promotes new music from prominent, emerging, and underrepresented composers.

Barnett, Jonah – Stargazer (2021)

Borah, Mihir - tealights, bonfires, diyas (2024)

Branner, Kaleb – Momentum Nowhere (2020)

Buck, Henry – Nocturne for Tenor Saxophone (2012)

Cadavieco, Evan – Air for Alto Saxophone and Band


Cadavieco, Evan – Concerto for Alto Saxophone &

Wind Ensemble (2014)

Cadavieco, Evan – Spatial-D (2019)

Cincotta II, Anthony S. – He Cries, He Dances (2021)

D’Albora, Melissa – Polysemous (2020)

Fogelman, Ashlyn - Exacerbate (2023)

Haney, Jason - Downrange (2023)

Huston, Mathew – Diversions (2019)

Jaxson, Joseph – Low Blood Sugar (2021)

Kahle, Michael – Draw Breath, Softly (2021)

Kahle, Michael – Failed Combustion (2020)

published by M&M Music Press, LLC

Kahle, Michael – How Slowly, Comes in the Light (2021)

Kahle, Michael – Sweet and Sour (2019)

Kahle, Michael – Hold On (2022)

Keebaugh, Ryan - kenosis (2024)

Keebaugh, Ryan – Kontakia (2021)

Keebaugh, Ryan – lectio divina (2021)

Keebaugh, Ryan – Mantra (2022)

Keebaugh, Ryan – stand still in the Light (2022)

Keebaugh, Ryan – Suffering Servant (2021)

Kinsman, Paul – Amherst Etudes (2011)

Macchia, Salvatore – Nostos (2010)

Moy, Mason – Great American Novel Suite (2019)

Moy, Mason – I’m Your Only Friend/I’m Not Your

Only Friend (2020)

Moy, Mason – Magnificat (2020)

Moy, Mason – tiny little pyramids (2019)

Moy, Mason – TBA (2022)

Oswald, Patrick – Two Whitman Sketches (2019)

Oswald, Patrick – Sonata for Unaccompanied Saxophones (2018)

Pope, David – Interlude (2019)

Siesky, Ryne – HUMAN (2020)

Simmers, Hannah - Lost Watch (2023)

Simmers, Hannah - Solis (2024)

Simmers, Hannah - Tranquility (2024)

Smith, Wyatt – Cosmic Portraits (2021)

Smith, Wyatt – Loose Grasp (2021)

Steel, Elijiah – Takeoff (2019)

Thompson, Wesley – Viridian Horizons (2020)

Villa, Joshua – Pressure (2022)

Wales, Kira Namiko – Cycles (2020)

Yagerline, Jack – Skylights (2021)

Yagerline, Jack – Mirrors (2022)

"Intense, haunting, exhilarating, provocative - it often feels he is part-performer, part-inventor. There is no greater artist to compose for."

Ryan Keebaugh

"Anthony is such a joy to work with! He was able to bring out the true emotions and stories in my music. He knows without a doubt how to shape the music and bring life to art."

Joshua Villa

"The highlight of working with Anthony is how seriously he takes any new piece of music. Anthony consistently makes my music sound better than I could have every imagined. A composer's dream collaborator!"

Mason Moy

"Anthony is a consummate professional. It was an absolute joy collaborating with him on new works over the years, not just because of his considerable technical chops, but also because of his care for each new work that he plays. Composers greatly value performers who go to great lengths getting their respective interpretations of a composer's music just right, and with Anthony, I always appreciated the effort and attention he would give to my work."

"Anthony is incredibly professional and a joy to work with. He always asks meaningful questions in his careful preparation of the material, giving everything he has to the music. Anthony is the ideal collaborator."

Michael Kahle

"Writing for Anthony is always a pleasure. He has approached each of our collaborations with consistent enthusiasm and exceptional musical sensitivity.Working with him on Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble was a thrill from our first concept meetings to his masterful execution of the work with the Berklee Symphonic Winds."

Evan Cadavieco

"Anthony was a pleasure to work with! Not only can he play anything you ask, but he was easy to work with as well as he is genuinely just a good guy!"

Elijiah Steele

Patrick Oswald




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