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"Composers of Bridgewater College" Faculty Recital

April 6, 2024 at 7pm
Carter Center Concert Hall

Prepare for an exciting evening of musical discovery at Bridgewater College. "Composers of Bridgewater College" is a unique project that celebrates the music I commissioned by the talented, vibrant, and diverse students studying music composition at Bridgewater College. The goal was to provide a platform for emerging young artists to share their work with a broader audience, showcasing the richness of creativity within our music community here at Bridgewater.

This captivating recital is the result of a harmonious collaboration between the students and esteemed members of the music faculty at Bridgewater College. At the heart of this recital lies a dynamic and multi-layered collaborative effort, exemplifying the close-knit musical community that thrives here at Bridgewater. This event goes beyond the traditional student-faculty dynamic, showcasing a dual-layered collaboration which fosters a rich exchange of ideas, techniques, and perspectives, creating a tapestry of musical innovation. Not only will students collaborate with faculty on the performance of their compositions, but faculty members will also engage in collaborative efforts with each other. I am excited to join forces with Dr. Christine Carrillo on trumpet, Amy Robertson on piano, and the Bridgewater College Saxophone Quartet. This celebration of shared artistic endeavor promises to deliver an unparalleled musical experience that reflects the spirit of unity and collaboration.

After an exciting competition of student-composers submitting their work for consideration, two excellent students were selected to have their music performed during this recital. Hannah Simmers' piece, Solis, and Charlie Hale's piece, The Atlantic Combers will both receive their world premiere performances that evening.

Adding to the evening's allure, the audience will be treated to a special glimpse into the world of  compositions by Ryan Keebaugh. Renowned for his expertise and passion, Keebaugh will present his latest masterpiece, the concerto for alto saxophone, Kenosis. The highly anticipated premiere of this work is a testament to the ongoing commitment of Bridgewater College to promote creativity and collaboration among its faculty and students.

As the notes fill the hall, the "Composers of Bridgewater College" becomes a shared experience, bridging the gap between composer and audience. Join us for an unforgettable evening of musical exploration, where the future of composition takes center stage, and the present moment resonates with the harmonies of Bridgewater's diverse and dynamic musical landscape.

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